Your Health and Safety FIRST at the naillounge

Sanitation, disinfection, and sterilization are paramount to our process. A dental grade autoclave is used to sterilize all mental instruments.
Rigorous sterilization and sanitizing procedures are done after each client treatment and at the end of each day.
With proper ventilation, our HVAC system constantly purifies the entire salon to reduce impurities in the air.


The naillounge concept is to revolutionize the nail business by creating a new ambience, relaxed setting, and delivering quality, innovative nail service, professional waxing, and facial treatments. The naillounge is first and only salon, specializing in high-end, luxury style European manicures, pedicures, pink and white, gel nails, facials, and waxes for both men and women. Our goal is to uphold a high level of customers’s satisfaction. The satisfaction of the client – our highest priority – culminates from a friendly, highly-skilled staff, inviting atmosphere, variety of services, and medical grade sanitation practices. We strive to deliver affordable luxury; our customers can be pampered on a regular basis, in a trendy, clean salon with impeccable service and still live within their means. We derive our core value with three simple words: Pamper, Relax, and Beautiful. Our core value speaks for itself; every client will feel pampered, relaxed, and most importantly, beautiful after receiving services at our salons.

Regular manicure and treatments go a long way in strengthening nails and ensuring healthy growth. Let us property rejuvenate your nails without damaging your natural nails. ** (A Manicure with any service will be discounted $5.00) **
Sonoma Mani
20-25 minutes
Relax while your polish is removed, your nails are shaped, cuticles groomed & conditioned, your hands and arms are massaged with flavors of creamy lotion for six minutes then followed by a polish.
House Mani
30-35 minutes
Our luxurious signature service, “facial for the hands”, includes an eight-minute massage of hands and arms with warm lotion, followed by your choice of scented exfoliating scrubs to smooth and hydrate dry, rough skin. A stimulating mask is applied to further remove impurities, along with a therapeutic hot towel wrap. Your cuticles are conditioned, and lastly, nails are polished. Of course, it comes with our house special wine or any drink of your choice.
Napa Mani
40-45 minutes
The Pampered Manicure at the naillounge begins with reshaping of your nails, cuticle detailing, followed by buffing them into a healthy shine. We add an exfoliating scrub to arms and hands leaving them silky soft, followed by a Thermal Mud Mask wrap with a warm towel, then indulge your hands in warm Paraffin wax. Oh Yes, while you are relaxed and enjoying a good drink of your choice, we finish the treatment with a 15-minute therapeutic massage of your arms to give them a moisturized and vibrant healthy glow. Finally, your nails are polished with the finest touch.
Sparkling Mani
10-15 minutes
Her royal highness is never too young to be pampered. Princess manicure includes all the benefits of a classic manicure. She is finally crowned with nail art on her thumbs. (For children under 12 years old.)
All pedicure services include a lower leg and foot reflexology massage, nail trim, shaping, cuticle conditioning, and polish. To promote good hygiene & sanitation, we use new files, buffers, and pumice stones for each client. We are proud to present our new pipeless spa pedicure chairs.
Sonoma Pedi
30-35 minutes
Balance your feet and relax from your soles up as your feet and lower legs are soothed and stimulated by the spa pedicure. Includes a peppermint foot soak, reshaping of nails, cuticle detail, scrub and massage with a unique moisturizer lotion. Finish with warm towels and cooling gel followed by polish.
House Pedi
40-45 minutes
This relaxing \"facial for the feet\" includes a peppermint foot soak, callus treatment, cuticle conditioning, and your choice of imported Honey Organic sugar scrub. While lying comfortably on the massage roller chair and enjoying a complimentary sparkling champagne or glass of wine, we follow with a marine mask, a therapeutic hot towel wrap treatment, a tranquil massage, and finish with an embellishing polish. This specific pedicure is designed for detoxification and rejuvenation.
Napa Pedi
50-55 minutes
A truly Pampered Spa Pedicure for a well-deserved treat; your feet are bathed in a sensational soak. Nails are reshaped, cuticles are groomed and conditioned, calluses are removed, and imported Sugar scrub exfoliation is used. We follow with a marine mask on your calves then wrap them with warm towels. Indulge your feet in warm Paraffin. Finish touches include a 15-minute massage followed by a polish. This is the perfect recipe for softer and vibrant healthy glow.
Hot Stone Pedicure
55-60 minutes
Our luxurious treatment to your feet. Includes all the therapeutic treatment of Napa pedi followed by massage using hot stones to soften your feet and apply heat therapy to your legs and skins.
The Botanicallounge
55-60 minutes
Therapeutic herbal pedicure ...refer to the botanicallounge on the side of menu. Upgrade to The Signature hot stone $75
Sparkling Pedi
20 - 25 minutes
Young girls feel like Princesses when they clip their royal toes into this warm vanilla soak. A fun shimmer lotion and a nail art of their choice is the crowning touch. Her highness will be pleased. (For children under 12 years old.)
Brut Pedi
40-45 minutes
Created just for men who want to experience the ultimate relaxation while enjoying a good cold beer or sipping a glass of wine. A tea tree and callus smoothing treatment come before a peppermint salt scrub. Nails are detailed and buffed.


Herbal Pedicure 55-60 minutes
A therapeutic pedicure with you choice of herb & oil combinations.
Bridal Bouquet

A fresh smelling floral indulgence designed to pamper brides to be.

Herbs: Rose and Lavender

Oil: Rose and Lavender
Calming Tea Time

As relaxing as a cup of tea

Herbs: Ginger Roof and Green Tea

Oil: Lemon
Congestion Relief

Created to soothe stuffy noses and open airways.

Herbs: Eucalyptus and Peppermint

Oil: Eucalyptus and Peppermint
Herbal Detox

Rich with antioxidants to help detoxify the body.

Herbs: Green Tea and Rosemary

Oil: Lemongrass and Rosemary
Mental Clarity

Designed to benefit both mind and body.

Herbs: Rosemary and Peppermint

Oil: Rosemary and Peppermint
Migraine Relief

Ease that aching head with a migraine relief spa treatment.

Herbs: Spearmint and Lavender

Oil: Lavender
Muscle Tension Relief

The perfect treatment for sore, aching muscies

Herbs: Eucalyptus and Rosemary

Oil: Eucalyptus and Rosemary

Feeling tired? Relax and rejuvenate at the same time!

Herbs: Peppermint and Spearmint

Oil: Peppermint
Stress Relief

Let all your cares slip away with an herbal stress relief treatment

Herbs: Lavender and Chamomile

Oil: Lavender
Whether you are looking for an eyebrow wax for a night out or a Brazilian bikini wax for a day at the beach, our estheticians will help your feet at home using professional techniques and products to ensure the best hair removal results (hair 1/8 in long).
$12 & up
Whole Face
$40 & up
$47 & up
Lower Arms
$27 & up
Lower Legs
$40 & up
Under Arms
$25 & up
$75 & up
Upper Lip
Side Burns
$55 & up
$20 & up
Full Arms
$45 & up
Full Legs
$55 & up
$60 & up
Dip Powder
Dip French/Color French
Dip Ombre
Dip Powder Manicure
Gel Polish
Gel Manicure
Tap Gel/Hybrid Gel
Gel X


Lavender – essential of – (therapeutic) relieve headaches and muscle aches. making It ideal for massages, soothe the skin and slow the progression of stretch marks and wrinkles.

Jasmine – essential oil – (therapeutic) the classic. beautiful scent of the jasmine flower helps mental awareness and memory.

Mango – essential oil – (therapeutic) gently remove dead skin cells and calluses for softer and smoother skin.

Green Tea – essential oil – (therapeutic) fresh. Rejuvenating. Relieves muscular aches and pains, balances skin and hair issues.

Raspberry – Fragrance oil – berries, berries, and berries. Just another signature favorite.

Pineapple – essential oil – (therapeutic) Soothe and renew your hands and feet with a twist of antioxidant pineapple.

Coconut – essential oil – (therapeutic) enliven even the most tired feet, we start with an exfoliating cleansing scrub.

Orange – essential oil – (therapeutic) sweet citrus with a touch of bitterness. Has been known for help with Colds and digestion. and eases depression and anger.

Tropical – essential oil – (therapeutic) A delightful way to relax, soften, and disinfect skin treatment, inspired by the tropical fruit.

Cucumber Melon – Fragrance oil – the Freshness of cucumber combined with a hint of sweet melon makes this one of our most popular scents.



We offer you the newest trend in the world of eyelash extensions.

What is so Special about the Beam Light Lash System?

The eyelash glue is 100% cured immediately and customers are allowed to let water touch their eyelashes directly. There is no more “48h no water rule” anymore. With normal eyelash glue, misbehavior on the part of the customer can have a strong negative impact on the durability. With BEAM LIGHT, you no longer have to worry about this.

You no longer have to switch between eyes. This saves you at least 30% in treatment time and can therefore significantly increase your turnover.

The retention is EXTREMELY improved. The eyelashes last until the natural eyelash falls out. NO normal eyelash glue achieves such durability.

Our customer’s allergy risk is reduced by 80% because because the glue is directly cured, it no longer emits fumes. Normal eyelash adhesives take about 48 hours to cure completely and continue to emit fumes during this period.

Beam Light Lash Fullset
Beam Light Lash Fill
$89 & up
Beam Light Lash Hybrid Fullset
Beam Light Lash Hybrid Fill
$109 & up
Beam Light Lash Volume Fullset
Beam Light Lash Volume Fill
$129 & up